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Bikes around Newcastle this week

… Hamilton, today … bike with home made trailer, Kotara, Saturday … Kotara, Saturday … Hamilton, Saturday … Hamilton, Saturday

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Traffic mayhem avoided by bike

This was the scene outside my local shopping centre today when I went to do my Mother’s Day shopping. Also, this ….In fact, every approach to the intersection was closed with emergency and police vehicles everywhere, due to the overturned … Continue reading

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Book Review: 21 Nights in July by Dr Ianto Ware

I have never watched the Tour de France, just seen brief excerpts of it on TV during July, but after reading this book, I will have to watch it. Maybe not the whole race, but parts of it at least. … Continue reading

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Is skateboarding the new way to get to school?

Yesterday I saw two boys skateboarding to school. It is fast, very safe on the separated bike track, good exercise and they have the added bonus that once they are at school, they can carry the board with them and … Continue reading

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Bikes at the John Hunter Hospital today

Today at the place where I park my bike at the hospital there were nine other bikes. Usually there are about five at most. It is coming into winter now and although our winters are very mild, many still put … Continue reading

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Today Newcastle Cycleways Movement conducted a survey of bikes around the city for two hours, from 8am till 10am. I counted bikes at a corner in Adamstown and counted a total of 114 bikes, 78 were ridden by men and … Continue reading

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Cyclists around Newcastle this week

We’ve had some superb weather this week, just the weather for cycling, and yesterday especially, with cyclists everywhere, along with freshly cut grass, it felt more like summer than late autumn … In my short ride from Adamstown along Raspberry … Continue reading

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1980s Bennett 10 speed Restoration

Here’s the Bennett is its current state of restoration and partial reassembly. It is looking pretty good so far and I am hoping it will go well when I am finished! I’ve encountered a few obstacles along the way. I … Continue reading

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Promoting cycling across other media

I’d like to put in a shameless plug here for Steven Fleming of Cycle Space, who is promoting his new book on cycling and architecture, aptly also named Cycle Space. Steven, another Novocastrian, promotes cycling by thinking outside of the … Continue reading

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Urban cycling

When I started having to use Beaumont Street in my transport cycling, I was too nervous about it to cycle in the traffic preferring instead to use the footpath, either cycling slowly or pushing my bike. Once I worked up … Continue reading

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