Riding Fernleigh Track

I’ve had very little chance to do much riding for the past two weeks due to other commitments so when I had an appointment today at Belmont Hospital, and the weather fined up after a few days of rain, I decided I would use the opportunity to boost my biking fitness. The past two days of rain have left everything very wet and dirty and, being on the mudguardless Giant, quite a lot of road crud came with me.The views of the Lake at Belmont are worth the ride there…
Nearly two hours of biking through this type of landscape makes my usual rides through suburban streets and city traffic seem mundane …I used this ride to compare my ride on the Giant saddle with the ride on my Brooks saddle on the Speedwell and found that the pressure points are just in front of the pressure points I feel on the Brooks and this makes all the difference over a longer distance: the Brooks is much more comfortable. You can also see the wear on the Giant saddle, and, considering it is only 5 years old and has not done a lot of miles nor been left out in the weather much, the amount of damage to the saddle is odd, though unrelated to the discomfort of it …I also took a short video of the ride, mainly to catch the birdsong at that part of the track, it is mainly bell birds you can hear in this footage…

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