Bicycles in Newcastle this week

In spite of the shocking weather we have had the past two days, beach cruisers were out in force today …And bikes were also in the local media again, with an announcement being made that an approved rates increase for Newcastle City Council means that a large amount will soon be spent on our cycleways: $3.5m is budgeted in the next financial year compared to approximately 1 to 2 million over the last 10 years. This is a red letter week for cycling in Newcastle indeed!

However, the media coverage of it, along with a column on the same day by a local popular blogger, gave the lycra haters more chances to air their grievances. Now, I do not wear lycra, but I used to when I was into fitness in a big way, and it is a very practical fabric to exercise in, if you are doing a lot of exercise. If those commenters can only criticise cyclists on their wardrobe choices, they must have very few material (pun intended) criticisms to make of us.

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1 Response to Bicycles in Newcastle this week

  1. Jess says:

    The hate is weird isn’t it? I can understand ridicule, as it seems the accepted “Aussie” way to respond when someone is seen to be taking themselves too seriously…. But hate? People don’t go to the beach or pool and complain about people’s recreational attire do they? From what I can glean it seems like the brand- emblazoned Lycra has become symbolic to the haters for arrogance, money, and blatant showiness. I say in response we resurrect the fashions of the 1970s bike boom with unbuttoned polo tees and short running shorts with high socks. Handlebar moustache optional.

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