Sydney featured in The Guardian bike blog

The Guardian Bike Blog is arguably the most influential bike blog in the mainstream digital media, so when I saw this week that it has featured Sydney’s new cycleways, I felt that this was a great endorsement for the success of the new cycleway network in Sydney. The article is about the success of the network, with the targets and outcomes of the Sydney 2030 Blueprint being quoted. The Guardian’s take on the success of Sydney’s cycling boom is that motivations to cycle have been well researched and acted upon by the City of Sydney, which has determined that the main barrier to the uptake of cycling for transport is the provision of a safe and separated infrastructure. Sydney provided this and, even in the face of a hostile car/cyclist culture, was able to gain an increase in cycling of 82% in two years, with hopes of ultimately reaching a target of 10% of journeys to be by bike. When I cycled in Sydney I felt quite safe, and Sydney traffic is notoriously bad and can be quite scary for non-Sydney drivers. I did not encounter any driver wrath directed at me, though I did see some directed at another cyclist, I experience the same in Newcastle from time to time. The other point mentioned in the article is the social media campaign to promote the cycleways. This article is a great endorsement of the success of the Sydney cycleways.

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2 Responses to Sydney featured in The Guardian bike blog

  1. anniebikes says:

    Vicki, I did see that article and thought of your latest adventure in Sydney.

  2. Vicki says:

    So many people think I was mad to ride there, but it did not feel unsafe at all, which is a great endorsement of the Sydney cycleways, great to see Australian cycling getting some good press too!

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