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Some of my favourite biking clothing

Black skirt with coloured tights, and I love this old woollen tartan scarf. The gloves are the only cycling specific part of this outfit. I nearly always wear these sunglasses as they keep the glare (and insects) out of my … Continue reading

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What price for an old bike?

This morning as I was heading out for the day, a man about my age and very well dressed for professional work, called out to me and came running up the footpath, asking me where I got my bike from. … Continue reading

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Gators to wear in the rain

I picked up these little green gators for a few dollars at the local army disposal store recently as I thought they would make great wet weather wear, especially if teamed with short gumboots (though I don’t have a pair … Continue reading

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Bikes at the John Hunter hospital today

There were only two bikes today, a contrast to the past few weeks when there would be ten or more, no doubt a result of the wet weather …and inside the lobby …

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Bikes along Throsby Creek today

Matching in white …A vintage restoration: an old ten speed made into a 3 speed …A great colour scheme …My Bennett with “Italian leather”panniers…

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1980s Bennett 10-Speed Restoration

This is the Bennett as it is now, it is not quite finished as you can see, but it will be some time till I can get the grips I want for it so I wanted to post some progress … Continue reading

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Biking at 4am

This morning I had cause to ride to the other side of town at 4am … It was a very pleasant ride. The stars were out, there was no wind or rain or traffic (I saw two cars on my … Continue reading

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Bicycles in Newcastle this week

In spite of the shocking weather we have had the past two days, beach cruisers were out in force today …And bikes were also in the local media again, with an announcement being made that an approved rates increase for … Continue reading

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Shopping in a rush (by bike)

Today I had to make a quick trip to the local shopping centre ¬†and as I was leaving I was cursing the fact that I would have to unlock the bike, put on my gloves and helmet and pack up … Continue reading

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Riding Fernleigh Track

I’ve had very little chance to do much riding for the past two weeks due to other commitments so when I had an appointment today at Belmont Hospital, and the weather fined up after a few days of rain, I … Continue reading

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