Brooks B67S saddle for the Speedwell

After being advised by one reader, Peter, that getting a wider, sprung Brooks saddle for the Speedwell and swapping the B17 currently on it over to the Bennett would work well, it dawned on me that this made a lot of sense, as the B17 has never quite felt quite right on the Speedwell. Peter offered me a ride of his identically framed Speedwell, which has a similar sprung saddle, and while we were not able to organise this ride, I did ride two European upright loopframes with similar saddles and this was enough to convince me that it would be the right decision. So, having done some paid work recently and having a few dollars to spend on bike bling, and seeing the B67S Aged on Pedal and Thread for a good price, I went ahead and purchased it. I decided that the aged look suited the “dented and rusty aesthetic” of my Speedwell, if such a look can indeed be called an “aesthetic”, and that the springs would give me more comfort in the upright position. And though the old Speedwell does not have the Euro flair of the Abici and the Gazelle which I have recently ridden, it does suit this Brooks saddle, both in appearance and feel. It was also a happy coincidence that the saddle matches the handgrips.

I also raised the seatpost a little, this has improved the pedalling position, and the springs and wider saddle definitely make it more comfortable.

Bennett update: this bike is now nearly finished and I will write about it soon.

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4 Responses to Brooks B67S saddle for the Speedwell

  1. BB says:

    Very nice. The black of the springs is also picked up with the skirt guard and front basket, so, well coordinated all round. I think it looks very at home on your Speedwell, which certainly does have it’s own aesthetic . . . A sort of honest, hard working one đŸ™‚

  2. anniebikes says:

    Yes, that saddle is perfect.

  3. petermc says:

    and the bike is quite unique !

  4. ladyfleur says:

    Good choice with the B67 vs B17 on an upright bike. I have a B17 on my touring bike which suits the more aggressive position, but for my Dutch bike I’m more comfortable on the wider platform of the B67.

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