Bikes seen in Newcastle this week

This fellow impressed me with his venturing out to ride in the weather we are having at the moment – very windy, rainy and cold. He is well prepared for it though with his weather proof panniers and backpack and jacket. I also love this photo for illustrating one of the great things about getting around by bike – not having to find a car park just to get some cash out of the ATM.I sometimes see really well equipped commuters riding around here, with panniers and clothing that are very well suited to the task of getting to and from work with maximum comfort and safety, rather than just a backpack with work clothes in it while riding a mountain bike – a solution that is only going to suit some conditions.

Also this week, many more bikes at the John Hunter Hospital than I have seen in recent times,  a sign that warmer weather is (generally, at any rate) on its way ….The bikes there are always bikes that are good at climbing, and with good reason as the hospital is on top of a big hill. One of my doctors even rides his bike through the bush track at the back of the hospital, and he takes the long way around from his home to take that path as he enjoys the steep bush ride. Me, I take the road, even though it does have a steep stairway in to be climbed.

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