Cool things you can do by bike that you can’t do by car

Ride through work sites that are closed off to traffic, the workmen don’t mind. (Of course this does not apply to work sites on bike paths.) You can also ride into permanently closed-off roads.

Stop at the ATM without even leaving the bike, this one is so good!

Find useful things. The best things I’ve found are these reading glasses (that are my strength, I use them all the time) and a pure woollen jumper.

Get to see beautiful gardens and trees etc….

Meet people at the lights and have a nice chat while waiting for the lights to change. Also, the chance to help out people: I got off my bike to push a man in his wheelchair up a hill the other day as he was struggling to turn his wheels in the wet grass. There was lots of traffic going past but of course noone could stop to help him during peak hour traffic.

There is always plenty of free parking that you don’t even have to look for!

Be recognisable, especially if you ride a distinctive bike. I have been recognised by a few people just because of my bike, they have always turned out to be friends of Steven Fleming.

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8 Responses to Cool things you can do by bike that you can’t do by car

  1. BB says:

    Totally right on all counts Vicki. Only the other day I scored a plaid, woollen scarf! It’s grey and matches several of my hats đŸ™‚

  2. petermc says:

    Found a purse a few months ago – I handed it in of course – it had ID in it so hopefully was returned to its owner. It’s amazing what you find in the gutters, much of it fallen from cars, particularly where there is little foot traffic. Bikes are a dream in single story shopping areas with sprawling car parks. I’ve also lost count of the unwanted bikes I’ve found by riding around locally !

  3. Vicki says:

    Glad I am not the only one who stops to pick things up!

  4. Vicki says:

    I had another one happen to me yesterday. I was waiting at the rail crossing and had some small irises on the back rack, my mother had gIven them to me. A guy also waiting there asked me if I wanted more plants as he was cleaning out his mothers garden, he told me where it was and if I went back there later in the afternoon he would leave the plants out the front of the house and I could get them. There is a pic of my panniers laden up with them on my twitter, look to the right of the page!

  5. Riding through work sites is the best! Pedestrians and drivers only rile against cyclists because they are so jealous, that we always have the best of both worlds.

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