Shopping by car

Today, for the first time in months, I had to go shopping by car, and, especially given the wonderful biking weather we have had lately, it was an affront in so many ways to have to resort to the car. The picture above shows one of the highlights of the trip, not very exciting I know but probably as good as it gets when shopping by car. The car park is even worse once you are a pedestrian than when you are on bike – a very non-human experience. To add insult to injury, when I reached the checkout point of the car park, which you can see ahead of me in the photo, the machine that you have to put the card into was makin this awful noise that was both loud and tinny, almost painful and my hearing is not that great, I think it was meant to be music but it fell far short of any musical standard to my ears. Once out of that hellhole, I wistfully watched the cyclists, wishing I was riding home on my lovely Speedwell ….

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