Bikes in the Media

Following on from this post, where I recently documented how bikes are becoming a ubiquitous part of advertising, I have had some more exciting print media finds in the past few days …It is great to see bike riding being portrayed as a popular pastime in a Sunday paper. And look at the great retro bikes they are riding, no carbon frames here!

This very entertaining article from Saturday’s The Herald talks about the realities of bike commuting, doping in sport, the London Olympics and Boris bikes, all crammed into one hilarious piece.

It was also quite exciting to see a bike offered as a prize for a lucky draw for subscribers to this Sunday newspaper, I have only before seen this sort of prize used as an incentive to buy subscriptions to Treadlie.

This last one appeared in last Saturday’s The Herald, and is the most exciting one for Novocastrians, despite it being tucked away as a tiny piece well into the paper. Cycling is now being used as a political tactic for the upcoming local council elections, this surely is proof of cycling’s growing mainstream popularity.

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2 Responses to Bikes in the Media

  1. BB says:

    It’s always heartening to see media attention that is positive towards cycling and it’s Fab that the pollies are looking at our needs at election time. Mind you, considering the new carbon tax, I’m still waiting rather wistfully for Julia to offer me a tax rebate for being car-free. Sigh!

  2. anniebikes says:

    It’s al lover our media here too. It’s very positive.

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