New cycling infrastructure along Throsby Creek

The addition of traffic lights at the Hannel Street crossing of the Throsby Creek cycle path is not news to Newcastle cyclists, these lights have been operating for some time and I knew of their foreshadowed construction and wrote about it here. Compare these pictures of the completed crossing with the one on the older linked post to see the difference it makes. Also, see the post on Cycle Space about it.What surprised me when riding along Throsby creek recently was the improved infrastructure at Graham Bridge, which is further along the track towads Islington Park:I was not aware that this was going to be done as part of the improvements to the track. I don’t have any photos of the old crossing, but it was very poor in terms of visibility and access to the road. It was necessary to stop riding in order to negotiate the tight turn and look for traffic at the same time, as the track was narrow, winding, steep and overhung with trees on the approach to the road.

The overall effect of these infrastructure improvements is, to my mind, to validate the presence of cyclists on the roads, in addition to their obvious safety improvements. It sends a message to cyclists and motorists alike that cyclists have a dedicated place to safely cross these busy roads and that must surely encourage more cyclists to use the tracks and make motorists be more aware and hopefully respectful towards both cyclists and pedestrians crossing the roads.


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2 Responses to New cycling infrastructure along Throsby Creek

  1. petermc says:

    The bridge work was much needed, more so for me than the lights even – it was no fun on a tandem !

    • Vicki says:

      I had not thought of how difficult it would be to approach that crossing on a tandem or on any long wheel base bike such as a cargo bike, I imagine it must have been really awkward! These sorts of improvements are really needed to improve safety for cyclists.

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