Bikes seen around Newcastle in early summer

IMG_4259Peter, the New Recyclist, on his Road King, which he has recently restored. I hadn’t seen this bike before but my photo does not do it justice, it is a very fine looking bike, I even think it looks better in person than it does on his own blog! It is also reminiscent of the restoration job I’ve done on my Bennett, a very similar old ten speed from the 80s so I could well appreciate his work. I will be posting about the Bennett very soon (I know I’ve been promising this for months, but it will happen…)IMG_4405IMG_4394IMG_4395Three very attractive but very different blue bikes, all seen in the middle of the recent heatwave. Blue must be the popular colour for this summer as these were not the only blue bikes I saw that day, and all the others were equally as attractive as these were. The vintage Cyclops looks great with its white trim, including cable covers, and the cruiser is to die for, there are always plenty of them around here in summer!

IMG_4437Another cyclist who had been escaping the heat with his surfboard rack, perhaps a better option than the sometimes seen “surfboard under the arm” method of carrying a board by bike!

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7 Responses to Bikes seen around Newcastle in early summer

  1. anniebikes says:

    I like that first bike. Very classy.

  2. petermc says:

    Hee hee ! Thanks Vicki, good to see you blogging again !

  3. rob Mcilwain says:

    hey here`s my `Rocking horse Sh@*. *speedell 1930 royal superlight`

  4. rob Mcilwain says:

    Im a tehno spaz. How do you post a pic????lol. Anyway,it has short track headstem, original bars, and seat Bell 12/40, renolds seat post. Original 27` lightweight rims in shed,I laced the original `Stamped` `~~~~Speedwell~~~ hubs to some westwoods,, more strength for day to day riding.

    • adventurepdx says:

      rob, do you have your photo online at a place like flickr, picassa, or photobucket? If so, you can put the link in your comment. Otherwise commenting systems generally don’t let you upload a photo, alas.

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