Murals in Newcastle with bikes in them

29122011(007)This is an excerpt from a quite famous local mural near Newcastle Beach by Trevor Dickinson. The mural features many beachy icons from days gone by and whenever I see it it fills me with a nostalgia that is so poignant it is almost painful (even though I did not go to the beach in Newcastle as a child), but for me childhood memories of the beach are some of the best memories of childhood and this mural manages to evoke all those childhood moments …. sigh …29122011(015)Another wonderful mural which has come to my attention via another Newcastle blogger, Mark McLean, is on a building in a sporting ground, and though I haven’t seen this one in person, I like how it captures the feeling of riding through a park, surrounded by trees …toilet_block_mural2Image credit: Mark McLean

More recently,  a new mural has appeared in Adamstown, on the wall of what will soon be a health food shop. This photo does not do the colours justice, this is an incredibly happy mural with its contrast of muted and bright colours and fresh food designs. You can see from the photo that it used to be the Hadley’s Adamstown shop so there is already a bikey connection, IMG_4521but look closer at the mural …IMG_4519Milkshakes, bicycles and baguettes, what a perfect combination! And I love the olde worlde 50’s style and feel of this part of the mural … again, very nostalgic! Mural by Stopwatchcogs.



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