Holiday riding

IMG_4562Evening ride to the beach on the Bennett, it was a hot day, too hot to ride much, but the evening was perfect!

IMG_4579Shopping at Westfield, the usual bike rack I frequent was full … first time ever! this was a pleasant surprise… and notice the lovely fixie in the rack ….IMG_4580Gorgeous colour combination and lovely simple lines. This is the first time I have ever seen such a bike this far west, they are usually reserved for inner city riding, this is a great sign.

IMG_4573Riding to the hospital, not a holiday occasion really, but the lights in the early morning made it sort of festive. As I was riding pushing my bike up “that hill”, I was passed by a very fit rider who was pedalling effortlessly, he even asked me if I was OK! I told him I would make it … all it takes is extra time.

IMG_4595 IMG_4589Riding to the Olive Tree Markets. I love this blue bike, its basket looked like it was crocheted but it was moulded plastic, a great look. Wonderful shopping and a really good community feel, I spent 10 minutes alone of the 4 hours I was there – I kept running into people I knew!

IMG_4600Riding with one of my favourite people – my grandson. I have recently fitted this child seat to my Giant so we can ride together, this was taken on the Throsby Creek track, an ideal place to ride with kids.

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