Is it OK for a man to ride a loopframe cycle?

Why yes, yes it is.

This was a question which appeared recently on the search engine terms for this blog. I am not sure if the querier (?) got the answer he (or she) was wanting, as I do not have any pictures of men riding loopframes on the blog, but my answer would be yes, and this is why …

  • they are easier to mount and dismount, as you can just step through the frame. This is a great bonus for people who may have joint problems or just shorter legs
  • all the bike share schemes have stepthrough-framed bikes (even though they may not technically be loopframes) …

velibPhoto credit: official velib website [NB this is not an ad for velib]

  • if you are setting up a bike with two child seats, a step through frame is essential, as you will hit the child on the rear seat with your foot if you try to swing it over the saddle …bike with 2 child seatsPhoto credit: Dutch City Bikes
  • while I don’t know men who ride loopframed cycles all the time, I know of at least one who collects old bikes, including a loopframed bike, among other feminine styled bikes …pink mixteloopframe speedwellBoth these bikes belong to a man. Photo credit for both photos: A New Recyclist
  • Sogreni advertises its loopframes as female or unisex, while its diamond frames are advertised as men’s bikes …sogreniPhoto credit: Sogreni website
  • The Dutch ride loopframes whether they are men or women, and, looking at Gazelles, they look decidedly unisex with their shiny black paint …

gazellePhoto credit: Gazelle Australia website

So, to return to our original question: yes, it is fine for a man to ride a loopframe cycle!

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9 Responses to Is it OK for a man to ride a loopframe cycle?

  1. Wayne says:

    Why yes of course it’s alright, bad backs, hip problems and leg muscle problems to name only three reasons why a lower top tube is needed so those with problems may still enjoy a bicycle ride and to hell with those that may laugh.

    • Vicki says:

      Excellent to hear that Wayne! I hope to see you riding a loopframe around town one day, I find it much easier to ride than to walk when I have back or hip pain, as I sometimes do get, unfortunately.

  2. Agreed! Just as my 17 yo daughter often borrows my clothes, so do I regularly ride her mixte.

    • Vicki says:

      You must be a very trendy dad for her to want to wear your clothes, it’s good you get to borrow her bike to balance it all out. And I bet the mixte is a great ride too!

  3. anniebikes says:

    Absolutely! It’s not a common sight here in Vermont, but I expect the movement to grow once the gender barriers are further blurred. It was a common sght in France (see my latest <a href=";.post for a older guy on a loop frame). I also saw mixed genders on the Paris Velib bikes. Gosh, wish I had had time to try those.

    • Vicki says:

      I saw that photo of the man on the girls bike on your blog Annie, thanks for mentioning it here too. I think that in Europe it is more acceptable for men to ride loopframe bikes.

  4. petermc says:

    What about all the women riding diamond frame racers these days? ( lol. )
    The step-throughs are so much easier to mount when loaded with rear luggage.
    P.S. Wonder if my Dahon is classed as a step-through ?

    • Vicki says:

      Yes about girls on diamond frame bikes, why shouldn’t it work the other way? I had thought the same about folders too, I nearly mentioned them in my little list. No reason to be sexist about cycle choices.

  5. Steve says:

    I ride a Pashley princess classic which I bought 18 months ago and I have covered nearly 3000 miles on it. I love the upright riding position, it is superbly comfortable with its wide sprung saddle and the absense of a crossbar makes mounting and dismounting much easier for me as a 64 year old, as alluded to by Wayne. I was a bit self conscious at first as a man riding what is percieved as ladies bike, However I have received no adverse comments as I don’t feel people notice, but I have had quite a few compliments regarding my shinny new Pashley.

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