Errandonneuring – a biking challenge

Chasing mailboxes DC blog has issued a challenge which I feel compelled to have a go at, even though I am a bit late to the party, it’s called errandonneuring. See the linked post for the rules, it involves quite a bit of recordkeeping and remembering to take photos on the errands, which I forgot today, my first errandonnee. Luckily, though, there is a sub rule which allows you to take an evidence photo after the event, so I can use today’s errands. NB: If you read the rules this post will make more sense, and hopefully entice you to join in too.

Errand #11: Wild Card – I went to my parents’ house to do some gardening for them, I learnt that you can attach a whole child’s bike as a tagalong as I was riding there, the picture is one of a scratch on my arm from a thorn in the garden …IMG_5271Errand #7: Any store that is not the grocery store – on the way home I stopped at Darrell Lea to buy some Valentines Day chocolates for my beloved and although I knew that many things are overpriced on this day, I learnt that I had fallen into a consumer trap once again…IMG_5266

Total miles (this is a US challenge so not in k’s and thus another challenge for us Aussies): 4

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