New bike lane along Dumaresq Street

Bike lane DumaresqThere is a new bike lane along one side of Dumaresq Street, on the side near the racecourse. This has always been my favourite part of my ride home as it is wide, flat, no parked cars for most of its length, no cross streets, shaded with trees and very safe to ride along. It is a great chance to really stretch my legs and go as fast as I like. The bike lane is about 1.5 metres wide and it feels great to ride, although it did before …. The other side of the street, which is divided by a nature strip, is not so pleasant to ride along as there are many parked cars there as well as a few intersections. There are no new markings along there I notice, as that is a more tricky place to put a bike lane without guiding riders to ride in the car door lane. Speaking of which …IMG_5347Someone does not realise that there is a change in the road markings though, I wonder what the fine is for parking in the bike lane?

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4 Responses to New bike lane along Dumaresq Street

  1. Wayne says:

    I don’t know about if there is a penalty for parking in bike lanes, it may be a case of share the road and the bike lane but check out the yellow line at the gutter, I believe that is a penalty.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Wayne, your comment lead me to check out the rules and I found this

      169 No stopping on a road with a yellow edge line

      A driver must not stop at the side of a road marked with a continuous yellow edge line.
      Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units
      And this:
      187 (2) A driver must not stop in a bicycle lane unless:
      (a) the driver:
      (i) is driving a public bus, public minibus or taxi, and is dropping off or picking up, passengers, and
      (ii) is permitted to drive in the lane under these Rules or another law of this jurisdiction, or
      (b) the driver is permitted to stop or park in the bicycle lane under another law of this jurisdiction.
      Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.

  2. Ian says:

    That’s the same in all states (except the penalty units). BTW, what happened to the red bar tape?

    • Vicki says:

      I got rid of it about a year ago, it just didn’t look right to me and I decided I preferred the look of the metal bars even though they are rusty.

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