Bikes in the media this week

13092011(059)With the Ferneigh Track making the front page of our local paper earlier this week, some debate has been sparked about its merits and its over achievement as a riding destination.  This article outlined the problems between pedestrians and riders on the Track and attracted a huge number of over 150 comments, a bit of a record for our local rag! On the same day it was the topic of the Editorial, it is a great day for cycling when it hits the news in such a big way.  In the online discussion and subsequent letters to the Herald, solutions were put forward such as  more tracks like Fernleigh, or roster days on the track. But the topic of pedestrians versus cyclists is a fairly contentious one at the moment and seems to have replaced last year’s news of the war between cars and bikes. Only a few weeks ago the Sydney Morning Herald ran an item on the same topic of pedestrians versus cyclists.

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1 Response to Bikes in the media this week

  1. Oanh says:

    The hate is weird isn’t it? I can understand rildcuie, as it seems the accepted Aussie way to respond when someone is seen to be taking themselves too seriously . But hate? People don’t go to the beach or pool and complain about people’s recreational attire do they? From what I can glean it seems like the brand- emblazoned Lycra has become symbolic to the haters for arrogance, money, and blatant showiness. I say in response we resurrect the fashions of the 1970s bike boom with unbuttoned polo tees and short running shorts with high socks. Handlebar moustache optional.

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