The day my luck ran out …

photo-34I have a love of puncture proof tyres. They are wonderful insurance policies against that day a piece of glass or a nail sticks to your tyres and ruins your day as inevitably as a bus passing via a muddy puddle and splashing your nice new tights. So far, my puncture proof tyres have performed this function extremely well. But, I only have them on two of my bikes, and not on the Bennett. I reasoned to myself that I don’t have the strength to undo the bolts that hold the wheels on so there would be little use in trying to repair a puncture if it happened, as I could not see myself wrestling unsuccessfully with an upturned bike on the side of the road. At least, I did not like this idea at all. So I decided to trust to luck and a long walk if my luck ran out. Which is why these TWO puncture kits have been sitting on my desk for a few years.

Well, the other day the inevitable happened. I will spare you the awful details of the long slow ride home, knowing my lovely gumwall tyre was being ruined, bit by bit. Also, the fact that it was not a complete flat at the time I discovered it, just a slow leak and disaster could have been averted by a pump, but mine was sitting at home not far from my puncture kit and I do not trust the ones at garages ever since one flattened my tyre (as they are for some reason not compatible with bike tyres). So I am now grappling with the decision to either:

a) get a new set of spiffy tyres which are puncture proof and a fancy colour (maybe cream or red or both?) I have looked briefly on the web and there is not much choice in 27″ tyres…

b) get a new tube and put the old plain black tyre back on and just suck it up and go back to my old policy of trusting to luck (though perhaps I will get a small pump I can carry with me this time).

Any recommendations?

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6 Responses to The day my luck ran out …

  1. petermc says:

    I haven’t seen any cream 27s, Velogear have some Duro gumwalls online. I’d be interested in cream colours too if anyone knows of them.

  2. Vicki says:

    Thanks for that suggestion Peter. They are the only ones I could find too, but thought you may know of others. I remember seeing on Lovely Bicycle a thread where everyone posted about white or cream tyres and the only ones for 27″ wheels was a brand that was not so good according to some of the comments, and they were white tyres, I had thought of getting them for the Bennett when I was doing it up but decided that a good tyre is a pumped up tyre that handles well, the colour is not everything. I just checked the tyre and it actually looks pretty good so I might change the tube and try some slime in it, and maybe I will start carrying a repair kit and pump, I could have averted disaster the other day if I’d had those things with me then.

    • If you are willing to carry a repair kit and pump, ditch the patches and just carry a spare tube, and fix the puncture in the comfort of your home and then use the patched tube as a spare.
      Also I find ring spanners work well for loosening tight bolts, they generally are a longer spanner so they will give you more leverage when undoing a tight bolt, you should be able to buy a single one to fit your bike at most hardware stores.

      • Vicki says:

        Thanks for those ideas. I am thinking that if I had pulled the tube out and patched it I would not have the need to take the wheel off and that way I wouldn’t need to worry about whether I could manage it and then get it back on tightly enough.

  3. Mark MacLean says:

    I’m like you: no pump, no repair kit. How often does “the inevitable” actually happen? Less often than a car battery going flat, I reckon. Anyway, off topic, but thought you might find this interesting:
    Hoo roo

    • Vicki says:

      That’s a great article Mark and so true. I choose most of my clothes to be bike friendly now and it means I don’t have to think too much about what to wear. It’s also why I post about the clothes I wear on the bike from time to time, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And as for bike shops thinking they know what you want to ride, I found that was a bit of a hurdle, but now that I have two restored bikes it does not happen anymore, but it did take some sticking to my guns.

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