Helmet capers: product review of Lazer helmet

IMG_5719I have a new Lazer helmet, all lovely, covered with red tartan fabric and colour matched to my Speedwell bike by a happy coincidence! This is me wearing it while riding along Raspberry Gully track. When it was first given to me as a gift, I thought only that it looked nice and would be a great winter helmet as the fabric makes it look warm and it does not have a lot of ventilation holes. IMG_5727I also like the shape of it, how it is nicely rounded at the back and sort of tucks in at the back of my head, a definite style improvement over the cheap Aldi helmet I had before!

Wearing it, however, introduced me to a lot more advantages. It is a great snug fit, while not being too tight and the tucked in part at the back is very comfortable, without restricting my head movement in any way. I have a large head and often have trouble with hats fitting me, this is the largest size and it fits me perfectly, it does not move about on my head and is not too tight.IMG_5729The little peak at the front looks cute, it gives the helmet an equestrian touch, and while I have never ridden horses, I quite like it. Unexpectedly, this peak is also very functional: it shades my face from the sun, and in heavy rain, it stops my face from getting wet. I was caught in a heavy downpour recently and the rain simply dripped from the front of the peak and missed my nose altogether, making for a much more comfortable ride in the rain, as anyone who has ridden in heavy rain will appreciate, especially if they wear glasses. Of course, being covered in fabric, the helmet could not simply be wiped dry, but it dried out overnight on the kitchen sink. I am not sure what the fabric is made from but it feels like fine wool and did not retain a great amount of water.

The helmet is made to Australian standard. All the metal studs and plastic clips have the Lazer logo on them which adds to the overall impression of quality. When I do up the clip under my chin it is comfortable and never pinches me – a much appreciated touch!

And, it is nice to get comments such as “Nice helmet!” from people I ride past.

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2 Responses to Helmet capers: product review of Lazer helmet

  1. anniebikes says:

    Vicki, this helmet is cute! And you’re right, it is very equestrian – that gives it charm. Have you seen the Nutcase helmets? They are becoming quite popular here. Like yours, they have few holes, but the colors, whoa! They are luscious. I have hopes that more people will wear helmets if they come in such stylish patterns.

    • Vicki says:

      Yes I’ve seen Nutcase helmets and like them too Annie. If I hadn’t been given this one I would probably have bought one for myself, I like their colours and shape a lot.

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