On helmet hair


Helmet hair is one of the turn offs for women when contemplating bike riding, especially when it comes to commuting to work or going out somewhere special. I don’t find it especially worrisome, so thought I would show how the helmet affects my hair, which is not really much on a day like today, mid Autumn, lovely weather. I rode for 25 minutes in the early morning so did not work up much of a sweat.
So this is my hair before the ride …IMG_5997and this is it after the ride and having just run my fingers through it as I had no comb …IMG_6001There isn’t much difference, it’s just a bit ruffled at the back. The colour difference is just from the different light, I didn’t really go grey on my ride and I couldn’t get the best shot of it as this is just a selfie, but you can see it is not that different.  When I commuted to work by bike for an hour, I would get sweaty hair but just let it dry naturally and it looked fine, no-one could tell I rode to work. Last Summer, my hair was longer and if I went for the same ride, I would have it in a ponytail at the back and after half an hour or so it would be just a small sweaty lump on the back of my neck and not at all photoworthy, so helmet hair can be a hindrance if you are worried about having pristine looking hair all the time. At this great time of year, though, it is not, so get out there and ride, people!

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2 Responses to On helmet hair

  1. RANTWICK says:

    Are helmets mandatory in Australia? I mean, could one (gasp) go helmetless if it was an occasion when the hair matters? I cut my hair too short to worry these days, but not too long ago I frequently suffered from Dinosaur Head.


    • Vicki says:

      Hi Rantwick, I like the dinosaur head look, it is also called a sucked mango and was a popular look a few years ago, maybe you don’t have mangoes in Canada, they are worth a try, delicious! Yes we have helmet laws here and in summer on really hot days I defy the law, I haven’t been booked once yet.

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