Some things to give away: Bennett decal and vintage rack

IMG_6195I am giving away a few things I have decided I don’t want and never will use. I have an abhorrence for having stuff lying around and not being used so would prefer to see these things go to good homes where they will be used, preferably in Newcastle. Firstly, the seat tube decal for my 1980s Bennett, shown above. It is in almost perfect condition, only a couple of small marks are on it, and it would look great on any Bennett bike. I just do not wish to use it on mine, which is still distinguishable as a Bennett by its headbadge.

IMG_6197This vintage rack would suit a 50s or 60s 28″ wheel bike. It is from an old Malvern Star. It mounts to the triangular area under the seat of a bike of that vintage, and to the rear axle. The mousetrap spring action works, though I cannot vouch for how long. I have been told it is possible to have it chromed. The metal finish is quite fetching, it looks like it is beaten metal underneath all the laters of paint. All the parts needed to fit it are on it provided you have the right size bike. It is currently painted silver and under that paint are layers of older paint. I painted over a coat of pale green, who knows what lies beneath that? It may even be already chromed!

If you are interested in either of these things, leave a comment or email me, details are on my contact page.

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1 Response to Some things to give away: Bennett decal and vintage rack

  1. DAN says:

    Is the rack still around?

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