More on bicycles in Newcastle

I  have been blogging on the Newcastle Cycleways Movement site recently which is why I haven’t been doing so much here. It has many things that are happening around Newcastle to improve bike riding in this city, so take a look. A few things that have happened to me in recent times, however …

The chain came off the Speedwell recently which meant that I had no brake! Luckily it was not in a place where I needed a brake so was able to stop easily, but it drove home to me the need for regular tightening of the rear wheel (and also the pedals as I realised when I started checking some things). I was riding in too high a gear when it happened, no doubt putting additional pressure on the rear wheel. You can just see in the photo that the rear wheel had moved forward in the dropouts, loosening the chain …IMG_6155In any case, I am getting a front brake installed at my local bike shop this week. This will involve some drilling of the frame to install the brake, and of course another cable which I hate on this bike, but safety must come first.

IMG_6225I also rode the length of Fernleigh Track late last week, a great ride as always! And as I have not yet fixed the flat on my Bennett *ahem*, I decided to take the Speedwell, knowing it would be a much slower ride. To my surprise, although the ride to Belmont took much longer than it would on the Bennett, the return ride took exactly the same amount of time, and the squeak in the bottom bracket disappeared as a result of the long ride it was getting. So it seems that both bike and rider warmed up on the return trip.

I was also the proud recipient of a silver star for my participation in the Errandonnee series  which was organised earlier this year by Mary of the Chasing Mailboxes DC blog …IMG_6223It’s such fun to go into these competitions and to connect with other bloggers, even if I did not do so well, and I promise to do better next year.

On Mothers Day recently, I saw this young man carrying a bunch of flowers to take to his mother, his mate was on a skateboard doing the same, what a great biking sight it was …IMG_6204

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