Speedwell changes, again

IMG_6451I am on the upward side of an early in the season cold and cough, but before it struck in full force, I got the long-awaited front brake fitted to my Speedwell, intended as a safety net in the event of my chain falling off. I like how it looks, and performs, on the bike, and I feel much safer now, having had the chain fall off a couple of times.

IMG_6428It’s not a high end component, but it is nice and shiny and it has been adjusted so that I will not send myself over the handlebars if I squeeze it too tightly. The frame had to be drilled slightly to allow it to be fitted. I’ve found it to be useful for when I stop at lights and am on a downward slope, I don’t have to jump off the bike to reach the final standstill. My shoe leather will thank me.

IMG_6437The cable does not intrude too much and blends in with the black of the basket.

IMG_6435While the bike was in for this work, the French bike mechanic also fixed the squeak in the cranks. I don’t know what he did, it was sort of lost in translation, but now it pedals like a new bike. And all this work and parts for only $30, a bargain! He also said he can fit a piece to the back wheel so the chain will not come loose again. It will be just like new again!

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3 Responses to Speedwell changes, again

  1. anniebikes says:

    The changes are swell, without needlessly cluttering the bike. Bravo.

    • Vicki says:

      I’m much happier with the brake than I thought I would be, then when he told me he’d fixed the squeak in the cranks I was over the moon, though I do have to use my bell more often now.

  2. Chase Neal says:

    I don’t like to have much slop. Part of the joy of riding fixed is having a direct connection to the road. I like to have it adjusted so that there’s no significant movement of the pedals when the bike is stationary. This often equates to about a centimeter of movement in the chain if I squeeze the top and bottom of the chain mid-way between the cog and chainring but it’s hard to judge how hard I should be pushing to get that movement.

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