More Tweed Ride ideas

IMG_6840I ran into Peter, the New Recyclist, last week,  and thought that his outfit was perfectly suited to the upcoming Tweed Ride, which I have been thinking about 23/7 in recent times. His new/old Shogun also fits the bill.

This lead to me thinking about other suitable items to wear, and bring, to the ride …IMG_6878Flat tweed caps are almost compulsory for men at Tweed Rides, though we do have to wear helmets …IMG_5729…. I am lucky in that respect.

IMG_6881Braces and bowties, hmmm …

IMG_6879Some music is always good too!

Now off to think about food for the ride …

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7 Responses to More Tweed Ride ideas

  1. Nico says:

    We do appreciate the effort! Friends and I excitedly preparing our costumes.

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  3. Lou says:

    Looks as though Peter is putting a few miles on the revived Shogun ….

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