Bikes in Newcastle and the Bennett decal

IMG_7479I saw this lovely retro styled bike at Bar Beach the other day, it reminded me so much of my own Speedwell, only much newer and with derailleur gears … and this is Bar Beach in all its glory, we are so lucky here in Newcastle …IMG_7535It could be a painting but it is just a photo taken with my iPhone! I am looking forward to seeing lots of beach cruisers here soon.

In other news, the Bennett decal I finally gave away has a new life on the bike of the daughter of a reader …IMG_7574I love the restoration job he has done on this bike, the decal and rainbow cable covers look really great against the white of the bike. I received another email about this decal and accidentally deleted it (stupid iPhone!) so could not reply to it. Sorry that you missed out on the decal and on getting a reply from me, the decal had already found a home.

IMG_7458IMG_7459IMG_7457At the preschool drop off it was great to see mothers biking their kids there, and to see the bike racks for the kids’ bikes too! There are half a dozen tiny bikes on those racks.

IMG_7597I am loving the more upright riding position of my Speedwell since getting the bars raised by Daniel. You can’t see it very well in this photo but I am sitting much more upright, I’ll try to get a better photo. At least you can see part of my garden here, and it is flourishing in this glorious Spring weather we are having, we seem to have skipped winter this year!

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2 Responses to Bikes in Newcastle and the Bennett decal

  1. anniebikes says:

    Happy spring! You’re looking good on your red bike.

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