Speedwell sighting, multi modal travel around Newcastle, Ride 2 Work Day

IMG_8084I saw this old Speedwell recently at the Source Cafe beside Throsby Creek, wearing its rust with pride and not even chained up, though it did have a guard dog as you can see. It is dark blue, no chain guard, mudguards and has chrome wheels, and those features are what make it different from mine, so it’s not the same model as mine, I think it may be a more recent one. I am sure that diehard Speedwell afficionados will know more about this than me.

IMG_8062If you are travelling to the John Hunter Hospital, you can catch a free shuttle bus from the Hunter Sports Stadium, and leave your bike there. This is becoming popular, as you can see from the number of bikes in the racks , there were even more of them when I picked up my bike later that day. No doubt it is the hills that deter people from wanting to do the ride to the hospital. These racks seem quite secure and there are always plenty of people around to deter would be thieves. The buses run every 10 or 20 minutes depending on the time of day so it is a great service and certainly beats looking for a park at the hospital.IMG_8029This is my bike parked at Bunnings Kotara recently. There are no bike parks there so this is often the only place to chain it up. I am sure Bunnings can do better than this, their customer service is usually so good.

IMG_8080And this is my Speedwell beside my rose garden, it looked so lovely there I had to get a picture of it.

This week is Ride2Work Day and Newcastle City Council is hosting a breakfast in Wheeler Place on Wednesday morning, it’s great weather for early moring riding right now, so there are no excuses…

Also, I am participating in the coffeeneuring challenge, a challenge issued in the northern hemisphere and will be posting some of my rides for that shortly. It would be great to have some more Aussies representing us in this truly international event!

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3 Responses to Speedwell sighting, multi modal travel around Newcastle, Ride 2 Work Day

  1. Wayne says:

    She has a bike lock in the carry rack but I think the dog would deter any joy rider, you should have grabbed the handlebars for me, Wayne.

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