coffee 2

Soy latte, Source cafe

Coffeeneuring is the event of going for coffee on your bike. Combining both exercise and coffee, with the option of food, it has gained a global following. It was invented by Mary of Chasing Mailboxes DC . Basic rules: 7 weeks, 7 coffee rides. In accordance with the rules, I am nominating Monday and Wednesday as my days for coffeeneuring.

My first coffeeneur was to the Source Cafe on Throsby Creek on Monday 7 October, Labour Day, so being a public holiday there was not much space left on the bike racks (which you can see through the window). The soy latte was delicious, creamy and a good temperature. Distance: 6 miles.


Soy latte, Baratza

Second ride was to Baratza Cafe at the John Hunter Hospital where I have fortnightly infusions. They serve excellent coffee, and again I ordered soy latte. (I believe that last year they gave free coffee to bike riders on Ride2Work Day, which is this coming Wednesday,  I don’t know if they are doing it again this year, but it is worth a try if you are there that day.) Distance: 5 miles.

coffee 3

Soy latte, Rolador

Ride 3 was today, to Rolador Cafe on Beaumont Street. Nice strong coffee, again a soy latte, my favourite. 10 points for coffee and 3 points for service as they forgot my order, but worth the wait. Another shot showing the window that the cafe gets its name from, and where you order takeaways, and a little more of that fabulous and famous mural  …coffee 4Distance: 4 miles.

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2 Responses to #coffeeneuring

  1. anniebikes says:

    I’m glad you are also joining the Coffeeneuring Challenge. I’m having fun with it.

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