Bike as a second home?

old guy 2Occasionally, I see a bike which appears to be the second home for the person riding it. It does not happen very often, but yesterday I was treated to such a sight in Hamilton.old guyThis elderly man was cycling along, slowly and steadily, yet confidently, through the back streets, on a bike which looked as if it carried a lot of the comforts of his home. The ubiquitous milk-crate-as-rear-basket was there, always a good sign that the owner is into the practicality of throwing things they need into the basket, then jumping on and taking off. It makes riding a bike seem easy and practical, which is why I love to see sights like this.

I have seen this bike around Newcastle, too, and I would put it into the same category, although it has the additional charm of some wonderful bike hackery which puts those of us, who try to save a few dollars while spending hundreds on accessories, to shame.

What I find so appealing about these bikes is that they are wonderfully practical, they are not pretentious at all, they are like a beaten up, customised old car on two wheels (although the bike in these pictures was not really old), built and modified to suit the owners’ needs. They remind me of the swagmen we heard about in school, only the bike swaggies are luckier, they have a set of wheels, not just legs.

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