Ma Belle

This week’s coffeeneuring ride was to Ma Belle cafe in Broadmeadow on Monday 21st where I met friends for lunch and via my babysitting obligations in the morning. Ma Belle make gluten free goodies, but taking it all to the higher level of goodness. Its decor is like a touch of Paris in Newcastle. Run, don’t walk.

I ordered my usual soy latte …

Soy latte Ma Belle

Soy latte Ma Belle

Total miles, including the ride to mind the children: 5.

For rules on this challenge, see here. it would be great to see other Aussies join in, it is not too late!

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3 Responses to #coffeeneuring

  1. kitchenchief says:

    we love quaint, little coffee shops. thanks for this one, can we re-blog this?

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