#coffeeneuring, ride 4

The locale latteFor my fourth coffeeneuring ride, I went with my beloved to The Locale in New Lambton last Wednesday, 30th October.  Last time I was at this coffee shop it had a different name and a totally different feel to it. Now it sports a retro, vintage, recycled theme which I like …Locale The drapes have an Arabian Nights feel about them and the old windows, chandeliers and iron work really add character. As we had breakfast here, I also ordered sourdough toast and jam, very crunchy and tart. This was in addition to my usual soy latte, complete with heart “latte art”. On the way there, we had to navigate the path work going on in Glebe Rd Adamstown near the rail gates, this was no mean feat so if you are going that way, try to avoid it by travelling down Victoria Rd. It’s very risky on either the path or road.

This coffeeneuring is fun! not only are the coffeeneurs all over twitter, a facebook page has been set up too! Hurry and join up!

Miles: 5

Past coffeeneuring posts: here and here

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2 Responses to #coffeeneuring, ride 4

  1. anniebikes says:

    That’s an interesting coffee shop.Love the swagged cloth.

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