Placemaking in Newcastle

IMG_8653Today I attended a party to launch this nearly completed mural which was funded under Newcastle City Council’s Placemaking scheme. It is located in a laneway behind Bank Corner, just off Hunter Street. Another detail from the mural …IMG_8654The laneway is alive with many murals, I found, some funded by grants and some done by local artist residents …IMG_8668They merge into one another as runaway elements from each mural spread along the laneway…IMG_8669IMG_8666IMG_8676Fish swim along the roadway …IMG_8674And magpies land wherever they can …IMG_8677Of course, bikes and placemaking go hand in hand …IMG_8655Bikes and disco lights …IMG_8664The Newcastle Tweed Ride which I organised a few months ago was also funded under the Placemaking scheme, all helping to make Newcastle a more beautiful and liveable city.

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1 Response to Placemaking in Newcastle

  1. Rachel says:

    I love the graffiti but I especially love the bakfiets.

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