Parking in Newcastle


A bike can be "parked" anywhere!

A bike can be “parked” anywhere!

So, there is a piece in today’s local paper on the parking crisis in Newcastle. The places discussed are well known to locals: the hospitals, the university, Westfield Kotara and the city centre. I have written about some of these places before and the different ways you can get to them without using  a car. I will not take a car to these places because of the parking problem, it is better to get wet and/or to push the bike up a hill than to be 40 minutes late to a doctor’s appointment.

I know a woman who rides to the beach once a week to swim and who, because of the parking problems there, bought herself an ebike.  She also commutes to work by bike so the ebike gets plenty of use and she says it is the best thing she has done. An ebike at Bicycles Online, sponsor of this blog, costs just under $1,000. With the cost of parking in the city or at the hospitals or shopping centres, an ebike would pay for itself in a year or so.

The main point the article in the Herald is making is the lost time spent looking for parking. That, and the cost of the petrol used, should also be taken into account if you are making a decision for purely economic reasons. The ebike, if you need it, or beater bike if you don’t want to spend that money and prefer to use your legs more, is a much preferable option to taking the car.

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3 Responses to Parking in Newcastle

  1. So true! I was meeting a friend for a coffee in Pacific St at 10am today. My husband has taken the wrong keys with him on his ride this morning, the ones that have the key to my bike lock on it. I left with plenty of time to spare – well, it would’ve been plenty of time if I hadn’t driven around for 15 minutes trying to find a park!

    I ended up parking a few blocks away, running to meet, and I was 3 minutes late. If I’d ridden, it would’ve been 20 minutes of divine pootling into town on my bike, a leisurely couple of coffees, followed by another lovely ride home.

    Cycling rules!

    • Vicki says:

      So glad someone else can see the logic! I carry my spare bike lock key in my bag so it’s always with me. Taking the car is such a hassle, if more could see it that way, we wouldn’t have these problems…

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