Eskateboards and etrikewheelchairs

IMG_8789I was stunned to see this sight at Bar Beach today – an eskateboard! This is a steepish slope and at first it didn’t register with me that the kid in front was skating effortlessly UP the hill! See his friend behind to get an idea of how steep it is and how much effort it would take to skate up this hill, then take in the great view of Bar Beach behind them… IMG_8790I also saw him skate down the hill at quite a controlled speed, so the motor on the skatie must also act as a brake. Then, I saw this …IMG_8787I am not sure what to call it, so named it an etrikewheelchair! If you know what it is called or have a better name for it, let me know. He was going at some speed, but don’t worry, there is a disc brake on the front to stop if needed, and the rear wheels had the additional smaller wheels that can be used to stop or speed up by hand if required, in addition to a lever operated brake. The battery is in the black box on the front, there is a headlight and I suspect there may be a generator in the front hub to charge the battery. This could revolutionise wheelchair mobility! It is great to see the technologies used in bikes being utilised for other worthy causes. These two efiends had a race up the hill in the first pics and it was close. Pity I didn’t get a photo ….

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