iPhone Tigra Bike Console Waterproof Bike Mount: product review

IMG_8934I’d noticed iPhone mounts on bikes, giving them a high tech look and providing a much easier way of using the phone while riding, so when I was offered this one for review, I happily accepted the offer.

The mount comes in four parts …IMG_8922the exterior shell, interior gel case,  a removable silicon band and a mounting frame (not shown). An additional silicon band is also supplied, as is an Allen key to fit the mount to the bike.IMG_8920Fitting the mounting frame to the handlebars was easy, it took me  five minutes or less, it is tightened with the Allen key and then it is very firmly held in place. The phone in its casing then easily clips into the mount, though you have to make sure it is properly clipped in with the little hook properly in place.

The product is advertised as being waterproof for showers, not not submersible. I was interested to see how this was achieved while still maintaining functionality of the phone.IMG_8924This attached, unclippable silicon seal at the top of the case allows for easy access to the headphones while providing a complete seal when not in use.IMG_8928At the base of the case, there is a small clip to close it, and a small flexible silicon bubble closes over the area where the charger goes. The phone can be charged while it is in the case …IMG_8930The iPhone’s touch screen works absolutely fine through the screen cover. When using the console on the bike, I found that the screen brightness had to be turned up to full to be able to see it through the screen cover on a sunny day, even when in the shade. I was particularly interested in using the video camera while it was mounted on the handlebars, and this was easy, with some adjustment being allowed from the mount’s rotatability (it can be rotated 360 degrees):IMG_8935The mount allows for easy use of the camera and, while it is not possible to point it as accurately as if the camera were handheld, it does provide less shaky footage, but with increased road noise.

I’ve been using the phone in this casing all the time, and have found that, when using the phone, it interferes with the sound quality, so I need to open the casing to make calls. This is an easy two step process: release the silicon band and unclip the base …IMG_8919I haven’t had any rainy conditions to test its waterproofness, but I am glad to have sand protection for my phone when I take it to the beach. The casing is very sturdy, and with the added gel casing, it makes the phone feel much more protected in case of a drop, although this has not happened yet. I don’t use biking apps so can’t comment on the effectiveness of using these when riding, though when I’ve ridden in Sydney and needed to consult my map often, this mount would have been very useful. The matt black appearance of the casing looks good on the bike and the rounded edges make it comfortable to hold in my hand and it does not increase the bulkiness or weight of the phone a great deal. Many thanks to MobileZap for sending me this mount.

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