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Riding an ebike

Although I have written about the benefits of an ebike before, I had not actually ridden one until last weekend. It was to attend a meeting at Nobbys lighthouse cottage and, as I did not have my bike with me, … Continue reading

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Riding the new bike path on the Pacific Highway, Merewether Heights

This new bike path has been open for some months now, it has attracted a great deal of attention, and rightly so. It is state of the art for a bike path along an urban highway on a stretch of … Continue reading

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The perfect pants for bike riding

I have seen several young women wearing these drop-crotch, loose, long pants around town when riding their bikes, and they struck me as being the perfect pants for bike riding, especially in summer. The pants billow out, sail like, and … Continue reading

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Bikes seen around Newcastle lately and coffeeneuring prize received!

I recently received my Coffeeneuring prize in the post! Thank you Mary! And some bikes seen around Newcastle lately …

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Creating a bicycle culture is more than just about the infrastructure

To really create a bike friendy culture, a number of things need to change in the way people think, and that is not always related to just the bicycle infrastructure (ie bike paths). At the local Bunnings hardware store, there … Continue reading

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