Unusual bikes seen around Newcastle lately

photo-62Pink fixie at Bar Beach

photo 2-14E-scooter near Civic Park

photo 1-12Chopper style bike outside Town Hall

photo-63Retro styled penny farthing beside Throsby Creek

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6 Responses to Unusual bikes seen around Newcastle lately

  1. laurent says:

    It’s the same kind of fashion in Europe.
    Fixies are trendy urban bicycle.
    E-scooter is more or less green because of battery issue.
    Chopper style: no efficient riding but trendy too.
    Retro style: for mechanic.
    My own bike (randonneur 650B) is close to retro style but all components are new. You can take a look on theses links:

  2. RANTWICK says:

    Never ahve tried a P-Far… they kind of scare me. Although I ride my bike all the time, they look like they may require coordination and balance I don’t have.

    • Vicki says:

      I wanted to see how he mounted it and I’ve got a shot of it. It looked like it required a very specific skill, I couldn’t do it. I’ll write up a post about it soon.

  3. anniebikes says:

    Of course you know I like the bar tape in the first photo. Leopard Print rocks!

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