Cycling historian coming to Newcastle

photo-64On Tuesday 13 May, leading Australian cycling historian Jim Fitzpatrick will be talking at the Adamstown Club for the Newcastle Cycleways Movement meeting. Admission: gold coin donation, 7 pm.

Did you know that Australia once had the largest bicycle path network in the world? or that Australian soldiers were at the forefront of the first significant wartime use of the bicycle? Or that at one time, the world’s richest bicycle race was held in Australia?

Hear Jim Fitzpatrick present on Australia’s very rich history of cycling with lots of great images.

Jim is Australia’s premier cycling historian and author of “Wheeling Matilda”, The Bicycle and the Bush”, “The Bicycle in Wartime” and “Major Taylor in Australia”.

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2 Responses to Cycling historian coming to Newcastle

  1. laurent says:

    I’ve read a review about Fitzpatrick’s book on B.N.A. forum . It seems this writer has dug deeply history on Australian cycling: it opens our eyes.
    As a foreigner, if I buy a book it could be first “wheeling Matilda”.
    Very interesting subject.

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