Some interesting bike-related things

photo 2-16I love this lego-inspired smiley face painted on a concrete pier near the Kotara bike track. It was done so well …. I say “done” because it has unfortunately now been painted over. Such is the ephemeral nature of street art. But while it was there, it added a cheery feel to the ride to Westfield Kotara.

photo 1-14A mini bike ramp at a friend’s place, very handy for hauling his many bikes, including cargo bikes, onto the porch and into the house… a must for anyone with a short flight of steps leading to their bike parking area.

photo 3-7Bike pump station on King Street Newtown, ever the leader in cool. Some of these would be wonderful in Beaumont Street, Darby Street and Hunter Street.

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5 Responses to Some interesting bike-related things

  1. Wayne Martin says:

    Unfortunately the pump stations wouldn’t last too long in Beaumont St thanks to the drunks from the Kent who like to do their bit for society.

  2. Peter says:

    I looked into these pumps from one overseas supplier. They were something like $700 because they are vandal resistant stainless steel. What do people think about getting corporate sponsership for them. “This pump is proadly supplied by your local MacDonalds resturant. Keep riding and burn off all that fat you’ve just eaten.” Surely we could get a local manufacturing firm to knock them up much cheaper.

    They would be great along the Warners Bay foreshore path, and either end of the Fernleigh.


  3. hobby nitro says:

    very nice post and pic =)

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