Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre has moved

08102011(005)The Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre, also known as the Bike Love Corral, has relocated to the University. The centre, run by Dan the Bike Man, has been a bit of a bike institution in Newcastle, with many people in town temporarily, those doing up bikes, or students needing cheap bikes or a loan of a bike, making use of the great service it offers. The above shot was taken three years ago, and while the bikes out the front of the Centre changed over time, it was always immedately recognisable as a bike friendly place, there was no missing it.

08102011(001)There was always an amazing array of bikes and parts available and Dan was usually there in the front yard, tinkering, organising, working on bikes or talking to customers while eating a sandwich. The sort of place where you could sing out “hi!” and get a friendly wave, or stop and talk about the latest bike developments in the city or get some help for a problem with your bike. It will be missed as an asset to the inner suburbs now that it has moved to its new location.

08012011(012)Hopefully, more students will now be easily able to access its services. Below is the statement Dan has issued as to its location on the campus and how it all works in the new era …

The Bike Love Corral (including Bike library, Bike Ecology Centre, etc) is now full time at Newcastle Uni for students and non-students.  We no longer operate from Islington or near the NUSA building.  For people returning borrowed bikes, they need a Bike Love Corral member number to get their money back as per  If you have not got a Bike Love Corral member number then you can get no money back for your bike.  Please email us a week before returning bikes so we can ensure we have the money for you.  Many people wanting to return bikes have not become members yet, so please become a member correctly to avoid disappointment.  Or some people sell it on for a profit.
Bike Love Corral
At Newcastle Uni (Callaghan Campus), Bottom of Hunter Building.  Students and non-students welcome
Location: Off Richardson Road, Callaghan 2308. Corner of Design Rd and Central Lane.
At the end of Richardson Rd go left into Design Road. We are at the corner of the next right, at the back of the Bike Hub East building at Uni. We are near a bank.
Free car parking Saturdays, and also no parking ticket required for drop off and pick ups
Open Times:  Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
Web:, and Facebook
Membership : Bike Love Corral members get $5 off most goods/services


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3 Responses to Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre has moved

  1. dan endicott says:

    Please remove outdated (wrong) location details and just put our website

  2. Max says:

    Do u have a 28 inch front and rear wheel a single gear

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