Tweed Ride thoughts

IMG_6801The Vintage Tweed Ride is now only a week away now and, to be honest, it’s been taking up a lot of my mental space and available time. I thought that this being the second time I’ve organised it, it would take less time, but that is not the case, I’m spending just as much, if not more, time organising it, though hopefully things will be better organised and it will be a bigger and better event as a result. So this post is about my random thoughts on it, based on enquiries I’ve had and the rest, just my ideas.

I’ve been thinking about what is the appeal of a tweed ride and it’s hard to explain, but it’s something that anyone who is interested in vintage bikes will automatically understand. In 2011, a Newcastle tweed ride was organised, not by me, and the minute I found out about it, I knew I had to go. I was so looking forward to it, but the day was wet and windy, with thunder and lightning for most of the day, all the elements conspired against it that day and it was cancelled and not rescheduled. Such a pity! (One day I do hope to go on a tweed ride that is not organised by me so I can just enjoy it and the lead up to it.)

I’ve had enquiries about the distance and the ride itself, so to answer those: it is about 6 or 7 ks I think, locals who know the area well will know, but those who may be travelling here do not. It is the same route as last year, from Islington Park to Nobbys beach. It is also an easy ride, all flat (my favourite type of ride) and mostly off road on shared use bike paths. So we do neeed to be mindful of pedestrians and we also have to wear helmets.

Also, the idea of a tweed ride is to be vintagey, that is to ride a vintage bike and to wear vintage clothes, but this is not compulsory!  The London Tweed Run was held recently, look here for tweedy fabulousness as well as get some great ideas for clothes and other vintage ideas. And more about tweed in general here. Newcastle must do itself proud here, the London Tweed Run has been compared to the catwalk….

At the end, there will be catering available or you can bring a picnic, and, same as last year, there will be prizes for best picnic, best bikes and costumes. There will be additional things happening as well, those are a surprise!

I am very grateful to a few local bloggers who have given us some coverage… Pink Patent Mary Janes and Our Newcastle.

Also, a huge thank you to Newcastle City Council who is funding this event and Newcastle Cycleways Movement who are sponsoring the public liability insurance.

The weather is looking good for next weekend at this stage, but if it looks doubtful, we will resechedule and I will put up a post here and also on the facebook page.

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4 Responses to Tweed Ride thoughts

  1. Laurent says:

    I wish you the best: the weather will be nice.
    Sometimes old-fashion equipment is more comfortable than modern’s, lasting build without programming obsolescence is also another quality.
    For instance, I am thinking about leather fingerless glove: one day I will save money to buy a pair.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Laurent, the weather is forecast to be nice that day and I agree with you about older bikes being more comfortable, mine is.

  2. Karen says:

    Vicky – Me and my husband Ken are driving up from the Central Coast – it’s our first Tweed ride. We have been following your blog (and Rusty Bike Bell) for over 1 year now and love the stories and photos off the Speedwell’s. We are not from Newcastle so hope you folks don’t mind if we join in. You probably won’t get this message before you start the ride tomorrow, but just in case you do…you will know us by our bikes…I have a lovely Candle Apple Red Speedwell (1971 I think?) and Ken has a White 1974 Peugeot Nouveau folding bicycle. Thanks very much for organising the Tweed ride – we are really excited to join in the fun. Best wishes for the day. Karen and Ken

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