Penny Farthing at the Tweed Ride

A few months before the tweed ride I met Kevin, the penny farthing man, on Throsby creek bike path. Here is a picture of me and my grandson with his bike…
I was envisaging some sort of stool from which it had to be mounted. So I was keen to see this whole process explained then demonstrated to me that day. There is a peg at the back of the frame that you have to put one foot onto, then do a rolling mount from the peg to the saddle. He made it look so easy …photo-73 I told Kevin about the tweed ride and promised to put a flyer into his mailbox before the event. His house is easy to identify as it has a sparkly penny farthing mounted on the wall! I was so pleased when he turned up on the day on one of his penny farthings (he has several of them!) which is a truly awesome vintage style high roller …

Yours truly in the background

Yours truly in the background

It was very popular on the day of the ride with many people lining up for a ride. I was not one of them. But I was told that it was quite easy to ride by one of those who did. To me, the thought of wobbling along on skinny wheels so far above the ground does not appeal, though I am in awe of those who gave it a go. The wheel is, of course, fixed, and the bike needs to be braked as a fixie, using legs as brakes. There is a small push brake at the front, but I was warned that using it guarantees a trip over the handlebars! Not my cup of tea….
Having a penny farthing at the tweed ride was one of my tweed ride dreams and Kevin said he can get others along next year! It will be a truly great event if that happens.

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