Tweed Ride thanks

photo-75I’d like to thank the people who helped out with the Tweed Ride this year, both in the promotion of it and the organisation.

First of all, Peter, author of A New Recyclist, who helped so much with promotion, organisation, marshalling on the day, and also a fabulous write up and photos of the event here. Visit his blog for some wonderful bike restoration info and pictures!

Pink Patent Mary Janes did a great promotional post for the ride here. She had a good excue for not being there though, she is in Paris!

Michael of the Juggernaut fame and Tumblr blogger, who posted here.

Polka dots and frocks blog who did a great series of photos of the event here.

Also, my daughter Jess who did such a great job with the promotional images …photo-68

Newcastle City Council Placemaking for providing the funding for the event.

Michael for help with organisation and on the day, Ben and Robbie for their fabulous jazz music, Adrian for being an awesome ride leader and Maudie Macs for their wonderful 5And a huge than you to everyone who came along on the day. Hope to see you all again next year!

This blog will now resume normal transmission about Bicycles in Newcastle…

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  1. petermc says:

    Nice pic of the tea-house there Vicki !

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