Ride2Work Day


Ride2Work Day is next week! To celebrate, Newcastle City Council is holding a FREE breakfast in Wheeler Place. There will also be prizes, so do come along and meet fellow commuters, both experienced and beginners.

If you haven’t commuted by bike before, this is the ideal time to start as there will be more bike commuters on the roads and cycleways. Some more ideas about bike commuting here.

edit: the breakfast has now been postponed one week till Wednesday 22 October, same time and place.

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6 Responses to Ride2Work Day

  1. A free breakfast is always a good incentive! Plus, it turns out the free breakfast in my area is ridiculously close to my house, so it would be crazy not to join in, wouldn’t it?

  2. Vicki says:

    The breakfast has now been changed to next week due to expected bad weather. Same time and place.

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