Tigra bike mount for iPhone 5


Tigra mount on my Speedwell

This bike mount would be very handy for those who want to use cycling apps or to record their rides or to take photos while riding.

The mount for the casing fits easily onto the handlebars with the use of an Allen key, then the casing clips into it. There is a two part system which attaches the casing to the mount which involves a small screw and a clip, both of which need to be lifted to remove the casing. This is not difficult and the casing clips out easily while being quite secure while on the mount, even when the phone is being rotated. I found fitting the whole thing quite straightforward.

The casing has a double locking system, which involves clips at the front of the phone which are hinged to another clip at the back.

There is a slightly papery feel to screen and a small loss of sensitivity but not enough to interfere with normal use of the phone.
The selfie camera gives a slightly grainy picture, but the main camera is fine. The blurred effect of the selfie camera could be used to advantage if you wanted a softer focus photo. Photos are not distorted or blurred around the edges, which was sometimes the case with the previous model I had for the iPhone 4.
The case is larger and chunkier than the previous one I reviewed but is still easy to hold and looks as though it would be more water resistant if immersed or used in heavy rain. The casing is very sturdy, and it makes the phone feel much more protected in case of a drop, although this has not happened yet.

There is some loss of screen visibility in sunlight but not as much as with the previous model.
The ports for charging and headphones are accessible through the casing, as is the on/off switch at the top of the phone, but the volume/camera buttons on the side are not. The camera button can be used via the screen.
The video quality is ok when using the mount, there is a slightly wavy quality in it which would be unacceptable for some, but it is perfectly suitable for use if you wanted to record your ride for safety purposes. I would need to mount the phone onto the other side of my handlebars for the best view for this purpose. The rotational capability of the device allows for some variation however. You can see an example in this short video I made …

Many thanks to Mobilezap for providing this mount for review.

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