Metro Cycles, Newcastle West End

I’ve written before about the Bank Corner Café and how the area around Bank Corner has become a “place” in Newcastle. With its adjoining laneway covered in murals and other art works and its pavement seating and decorative paving, it is picturesque and quirky and you don’t know just what is around the corner. Adding to the ambience of that area is a recently opened bike shop “Metro Cycles”, owned by Bernie Hocking.


The shop fits in well with its surroundings, as there are always lots of bikes parked in the vicinity during the day, so the lineup of Metro Cycles bikes looks just like another part of the streetscape. Additionally, all the posts here have been yarnbombed, which fits in nicely, adding to the placemaking feel of this small area. The fact that car parks are hard to find around here makes it even more attractive to cyclists.


With its lineup of commuter, folders, ebikes and cargo bikes and appropriate accessories for them, Metro is catering to a section of the cycling market that has not been strongly recognised before in Newcastle. This provides the opportunity for those in the market for utility cycles to shop in Newcastle rather than buying elsewhere or via the Internet.FullSizeRender



Bernie’s choices of bikes on his shop floor has been strongly influenced by trips to Europe and a cycling study tour he has done there. It shows in the diversity of town and cargo bikes that are on display and European and British influences are also evident in his selection of stock. Bicycle art work adorns the walls …



Bernie, on the right, talking to a customer

Bernie, on the right, talking to a customer

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3 Responses to Metro Cycles, Newcastle West End

  1. Ruth Cotton says:

    Another excellent post with good information Vicki, and your layout looks great!

  2. Bernie and Lyn at MetroCycles are an asset to this town!

  3. Gail Rehbein says:

    Looks like a great bicycle shop!

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