A black spot in Newcastle’s cycling network


Google image of intersection of Glebe Road and Park Avenue

When trying to connect between the Fernleigh track and travel into Newcastle, crossing Glebe road is unavoidable, but there is no really safe place to cross. Teralba Road is the official crossing place but that means crossing four lanes of often fast car traffic, half of which is frustrated after the long wait at Glebe Rd lights and the other half from waiting at the rail crossing.
An alternative is to mix it up with cars at the intersection beside the rail crossing. The traffic is somewhat regulated here, with one lane turning left into Park Ave and the other two crossing the rail line from both directions. In the middle of the road is an island surrounded with the debris of accidents past, not an inviting sight for the unsuspecting cyclist. If the rail lights are red, you are in luck as the hiatus in traffic gives you absolute protection in both directions, providing you don’t get a puncture from the debris!
Connecting the end of Fernleigh with Glebe Road is not a problem with an easy solution. There is the roundabout at the end of the Track to be contended with first and at present the entry to that is quite messy, requiring a sharp left hand turn, and limited protection on the traffic island, especially for those with longer tandems, cargo bikes or tagalongs.

But the major obstacle is the entry to Glebe Road, dealing with traffic from both directions, as well as the nearby rail crossing, and the left turning lane into Park Avenue. While this setup works well for locals who understand how the lanes work, it is confusing for those not familiar with it, creating additional hazards for the cyclist.

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2 Responses to A black spot in Newcastle’s cycling network

  1. petermc says:

    Glebe Road is a cyclist’s nightmare in peak hour and really needs resolving. These days I generally go northward from the track by crossing Glebe Rd. at the rail gates then down Teralba Rd., – and go southward to the track through the main Adamstown lights along the road to the next parallel right turn downhill. The downhill run to the lights means better traffic speed but the right turn across traffic can be risky, though car speeds are generally lower at least. Otherwise it’s the pedestrian crossing with it’s narrow rough footpath !
    Sometimes I go via Teralba Rd. along the new shared Glebe Rd. footpath and cross at the gates to reach the track.
    Neither way is truly satisfactory because another problem with Teralba Rd. is the crossing at the Broadmeadow end… just as bad as Glebe – both ways .

    Anywhere between the two Glebe Rd. crossings is usually a drama. I’m not sure whether traffic lights at Teralba Rd. & Glebe Rd. would be a good idea but they would certainly help cyclists in peak hours – but probably cheese off the car drivers even more…

    • Vicki says:

      When I’m travelling from Adamstown to the track I usually take Victoria St and sometimes I ride up there as well. It means crossing Glebe at the main lights which bypasses all the problems with the traffic.

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