Tweed Ride 2016


This event promises to be lots and lots of fun for friends and family of all ages.
Entry by donation and please bring your helmet. Muster at Islington Park near the paper bark grove 9.30AM for a safe easy chaperoned ride along NEWCASTLE’S shared pathways led by special guest host Matt McFarlane.
A lazy Picnic by the sea with special TEAS AND COFFEES by your friends at THE COMMONS will include loads of PRIZES sponsored by generous local businesses: Black Bird Corner, Ali Jane, Betta Shoe Repairs, the very versatile METROCYCLES and more!
From here you are invited to take your own independent commute to Newcastle Museum
for 12NOON Sanjex Seratti’s PENNY FARTHING demonstration and rides!
For the fancy and famished!! 1.30PM set lunch includes: COFFEE! GOULASH! BAGUETTE! MULLED WINE AND SWEETS!

Book your tickets now to join for a meal at BANK CORNER CAFE, meal tickets available at eventbrite

For more info:

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2 Responses to Tweed Ride 2016

  1. It looks like so much fun! I hope it goes well.

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