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Today Newcastle Cycleways Movement conducted a survey of bikes around the city for two hours, from 8am till 10am. I counted bikes at a corner in Adamstown and counted a total of 114 bikes, 78 were ridden by men and … Continue reading

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Promoting cycling across other media

I’d like to put in a shameless plug here for Steven Fleming of Cycle Space, who is promoting his new book on cycling and architecture, aptly also named Cycle Space. Steven, another Novocastrian, promotes cycling by thinking outside of the … Continue reading

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Cycling infrastructure – Sydney & Newcastle

I was pleased to receive in my inbox yesterday an email from Sydney Cycleways, citing a cycling uptake in recent years of astronomic proportions – an increase of “82% between March 2010 and March 2012 – in many locations numbers have … Continue reading

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Verona/Newcastle: a cycling comparison

Parts of Europe are held up as the best place in the world to cycle, and with ancient cities and a more compact way of life, as well as its non adoption of vehicular cycling, this seems to make it … Continue reading

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Why is cycling so controversial?

Sydney has a newly created network of cycle tracks, separated lanes and paths which have been named the Sydney Cycleways, I think this is a great name as it captures the concept of a combination of separated paths, shared paths and cycling … Continue reading

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Throsby Creek still closed!

Over a month ago I put up this post about the Throsby Creek closure. The workman I spoke to said it would only be another two weeks or so but it has now been over a month. When I went … Continue reading

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Bike hour in Newcastle

This event was a huge success here in Newcastle! There was a gathering at the Harbour foreshore, I was interviewed by Jill Emberson, ABC radio announcer, I met up with many friends, I saw a brand new handmade cargo bike, … Continue reading

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Bicycle activism

I was interested to read a letter to the Editor recently in our local paper … ” what is going on with so many cyclists in Newcastle at the moment?” and although the writer was not in favour of cyclists … Continue reading

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Seen at Broadmeadow station

I love how this bike has no decals, it is just tastefully covered with bike activism stickers. The black, lime green and purple colour scheme is captivating too …

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What motivates people to cycle?

Lake Macquarie City Council is currently calling for feedback on its cycling strategy. This raises some interesting questions as the council has targeted a fair portion of its cycling budget for educational programs rather than for building new infrastructure. This … Continue reading

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