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Innovative locking solutions

When I had to make my regular visit to the pathologist recently I had to lock my bike to this tap, it was the only available way of locking up the bike unless I took up a car parking space and … Continue reading

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Rethinking bicycle infrastructure

In my previous life I used to attend many seminars and conferences, most of which were very non memorable. One session which I do remember quite well was about disabled access and how poorly it was thought out: the presenter … Continue reading

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A study in black

This cruiser caught my eye – all matt black except for the spoke nipples, reflectors and name. It looked so new in spite of the matt black look. And the  simplicity of it, even down to just one brake, I … Continue reading

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Summer, the beach and the Mall

Now that our weather is finally becoming like proper summer weather, I have been able to go to Newcastle baths more frequently …and the bikes there! There is either a resurgence of delightful (to me) bikes, or I had been … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 8 photos.

I had occasion to visit Sydney again today and decided to go to Newtown as part of this visit, partly because I wanted to see the bike shop there and also because I  lived there for some time and wanted … Continue reading

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First day of summer …

Although the weather here today does not reflect it, we are now officially in summer, so to celebrate, a few summery pics taken some time ago …

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Bicycle parking … some reflections

Here in Newcastle we have bicycle parking which varies from the artisticto the modernistic …and such racks are usually not full, as you can see above. Inspired by Lovely Bicycle’s latest post about bike racks, and my own experience yesterday: … Continue reading

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